Our cat

Not carries a gene long shersti.Ves our cat at the moment
5kg of 400 g.Ya so thoroughly write about weight, because it is
very important vopros.Mnogie cats British Shorthair breed
prone to obesity. The British Shorthair breed standard
provides the weight of an adult animal from 5 kg to 10 kg.Ili To put it simply, there is a miniature British medium and krupnye.Eto distinctive features of British cats.
Our CEZIUM lifetime kotёnok.Sovershenno does not require restrictions on food or dieting. Character wonderful, so I think,
Intelligent, obedient, commitment, able to insist on his own,
if it feels justified. Then it is not necessary to enumerate. It is better to see for himself.
The pedigree of our cat only British, all titled, depending on their age, have different titles.
Father CH.JOY v. ARMANI / Cesium grandfather World Champion. /
Mother SH.AYARA. / Cesium grandfather European Champion. /